Error -206 (media failure) and SCSI Devices


To avoid problems take the following precautions: do not disable the "Verification" option in scripts and immediate operations; let the tape drive fully rewind or eject the tape before you power off or restart the computer; and if the computer crashes try to eject the tape (using the drive’s eject button) before restarting or turning off the computer.

When Retrospect reports error 206 on a tape because it lacks an EOD marker that tape is unusable for future appends until you erase it, though it is not physically damaged and you can use it to restore. The tape cannot be repaired with Retrospect’s repair tool. To use the tape for additional backups or archives you must first either reset the tape’s backup set from Configure > Backup Sets or erase the tape from Configure > Devices. When the error persists on multiple media and you have eliminated the above possibilities the device may be failing. Contact the vendor.

Last Update: February 13, 2012