Restore error with Amazon Glacier

Cloud Backup

Amazon S3 supports migrating backup sets to and from Amazon Glacier using Lifecycles. Retrospect can back up and restore from Amazon S3, but it cannot access a set that has been migrated to Amazon Glacier. If you do not perform "Initiate Restore" on that set before attempting to access it with Retrospect, you will see the following issues:

  • Restore will fail with many error -1107 entries in the log, and it will take time to complete. Retrospect will be attempting to restore each backup source file.

     Trouble reading: "1-backupset" (NNN), error -1107 (read fault)
  • The "Rebuild" dialog will not list backup set member folders for sets in Glacier, and the operations log will show read failure attempts for each RDB file in that folder.

     <time>: Start read attempt <count> for 4 K of NNN.rdb
     TS3Bucket::ReadFile for xxx.rdb: Error calling S3_DownloadBytes: 403: Forbidden

Last Update: April 12, 2016