Error -1028 for disaster recovery with cloud set


This issue only applies to Retrospect 11 for Windows performing a local disaster recovery using a cloud set in a timezone that isn’t Pacific Standard Time (PST).

We plan to address this. Until then, you can adjust the DR system’s time to compensate for the mismatched time zone. For example, let’s say the DR system is in Germany, and the time is noon. Because of WinPE defaulting to Pacific Standard Time, the DR system’s is effectively at PST noon, equivalent to Germany’s 9pm. From the BMR Wizard, SHIFT-click "Restore Locally" to get the command prompt. Then use the "time" command (and "date" if necessary) to set the time 9 hours back to PST 3am, equivalent to Germany’s noon. Then access the cloud set.

Last Update: March 1, 2016