How much free space is recommended for Retrospect?


A large portion of the space required by Retrospect is temporary data that is erased after an execution occurs.

The calculation above takes into account the following:

  • When backing up large numbers of files, Retrospect will use 40-45% of RAM and then cache to the page file on the System Volume’s temp directory (usually C:\Windows\Temp) thereby increasing disk usage.

  • When grooming snapshots, Retrospect will use the Config folder (C:\ProgramData\Retrospect) as a work space in determining older files that need to be removed from the backup set.?

  • The Retrospect Config files "configxx.dat and configxx.bak" (C:\ProgramData\Retrospect) can grow extremely large depending on how many scripts, clients, backup sets, selectors, etc. you have.

  • By default, the backup set catalog files are stored in the "My Documents" folder.?Catalog files can grow extremely large if you are backing up a large number of files ex. Millions of files. If Catalog Compression has been enabled, Retrospect will de-compress the catalog file in the same folder during an execution thereby increasing the size of the catalog file.

Last Update: February 14, 2012