How to Enable Storage Groups Preview

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Storage groups

Storage Groups protect your entire backup environment up to 16x faster with a single, centralized destination that Retrospect can use simultaneously. With Storage Groups, you can run parallel backups to the same disk destination with a single scheduled or ProactiveAI script.

Storage Groups is a preview feature in Retrospect Backup 15.5. Do not use it with production data. Retrospect might not be able to read the backup data in the future.

You can register with us at to be alerted to future updates to this preview. We plan to launch the feature officially in Spring 2019.


Storage Groups is in beta, so to enable it, we will be editing the Retrospect INI file.

  1. Install Retrospect 15.5.

  2. Ensure that the application has a license.

  3. On Windows, close Retrospect. On Mac, stop the Retrospect engine in System Preferences > Retrospect.

  4. Open the Retrospect INI file. On Windows, it’s located at C:\ProgramData\Retrospect\retro.ini. On Mac, it’s located at /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/retro.ini. Add the following line under [Options].

  5. Start Retrospect again. On Windows, simply launch it. On Mac, start the Retrospect engine in System Preferences > Retrospect.

  6. When you create a new backup set, you will see storage groups as an option for disk sets.


After you enable the feature, you will see storage groups as an option for disk sets. You can create one and use it as a destination for scheduled scripts and ProactiveAI scripts. If you select multiple sources for the script, they will run backups in parallel to the storage group.

Storage groups win


Storage groups mac



This is a preview feature. Here are the current limitations:

  • Do not use storage groups to back up important data! The storage group file format will change before the official release, and Retrospect will make no attempt at being backwards compatible with what is available in the preview.

  • Storage groups preview allows users to backup and restore file data to disk sets only. Cloud sets are not yet supported. We do not plan to support other types of sets.

  • Transfer from storage groups to other types of media sets is supported. Transfer to storage sets is not.

  • Rebuilding storage group catalogs will fail.

  • Email and Exchange/SQL backup are not supported.

  • Adding and removing members is not supported.

  • Encryption is not supported

Last Update: September 4, 2018