Moving Retrospect from one Macintosh backup computer to another Macintosh backup computer


To move Retrospect to a new backup computer:

  1. Install Retrospect on the new computer.

  2. Copy the catalog files from the old backup computer to the new computer. Note that the default location that catalog files are saved is /Library/Application Support/Retrospect.

  3. Copy the preferences from the old backup computer to the new computer. Preferences are saved in /Library/Application Support/Retrospect. Copy the Config80.dat, configs.xml,pubkey.dat, and privkey.dat files into the same location on the new backup computer, replacing any existing Config80.dat file. You must stop the Retrospect Engine from System Preferences before making a copy of the Config80.dat file. You will also want to stop the Retrospect Engine before replacing the Config80.dat file on the new computer.

  4. Next,you must force Retrospect (on the new backup computer) to recognize the catalog files you just moved. Go to Media Sets and click Locate and then select the catalog file.

  5. If you previously backed up both the old and the new backup computer and you want to continue to do so, you must perform a few extra steps because their status has changed:

    1. If the new backup computer was previously backed up as a client, that is no longer necessary since its volumes are now local.

Last Update: October 25, 2021