Moving Retrospect from one Windows backup computer to another Windows backup computer


  1. Install Retrospect on the new computer.

  2. Copy the catalog files (with name extensions .rbc and .rbf) from the old backup computer to the new backup computer.

    Note: The default location that catalog files are saved is ..\My Documents\Retrospect Catalog Files for Windows 2003 and earlier.  

  3. Copy the configuration file (configs.xml, config77.dat, pubkey.dat, and privkey.dat) from the old backup computer to the new computer.  On Windows Vista or later it is located in C:\Program Data\Retrospect. On XP and Windows 2003 you will find the files inside C:\Documents and settings\all user\application data\Retrospect

  4. Next, you must force Retrospect (on the new backup computer) to recognize the catalog files you just moved. The easiest way to do this is to double-click on each catalog in the Windows Explorer. Retrospect opens a backup set configuration window for each catalog, causing it to recognize the catalogs.

  5. If you want to back up the old computer and/or the new backup computer, you must perform a few extra steps:

    • If the new backup computer was previously backed up as a client, that is no longer necessary since its volumes are now local. Forget the client. Edit the sources in any Retrospect scripts which used client volumes from the new computer and add the volumes which are now local.

    • If you still want to back up the old backup computer you must install Retrospect client software on that machine to access its volumes with Retrospect from the new backup computer. After installing and configuring the client, add its volumes to your scripts. Click Configure>Volumes and use the Forget command to remove the previously local volumes. Forgetting volumes removes them from the volumes database and any scripts which use them.

Last Update: October 25, 2021