'Remaining' count is negative


In rare instances, the "Remaining" count in your operations log will show a negative number. This is a result of one or more hard links being deleted after the scan but before the backup. Operating systems are constantly creating and deleting temporary files while running. Normally, you wouldn’t noticed this, but with Retrospect Backup protecting your entire system, you can see these patterns in the operations log. See an example below.

10/3/18 5:31:02 PM: Copying _tst2 on Macintosh HD
10/3/18 5:31:03 PM: Found: 3 files, 1 folders, 3 KB
10/3/18 5:31:03 PM: Selector "All Files" was used to select 3 files out of 3.
No files found for block level incremental backup.
10/3/18 5:31:31 PM: Copying: 1 files (1 KB) and 2 hard links
*File "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/_tst2/f1": can't read, error -1,101 (file/directory not found)
*File "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/_tst2/link1": can't read, error -1,101 (file/directory not found)
*File "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/_tst2/link2": can't read, error -1,101 (file/directory not found)
10/3/18 5:31:32 PM: Building Snapshot...
10/3/18 5:31:33 PM: Snapshot stored, 70 KB
10/3/18 5:31:33 PM: Execution completed successfully
Remaining: -2 files, 0 B
No longer present: 3 files, 3 KB

Last Update: October 16, 2018