Performance Enhancements in Retrospect 10 for Windows and Retrospect 12 for Mac


Retrospect’s new versions are significantly faster across key areas. Backups and restores take far less time in many cases, and other powerful features like grooming and snapshot transfer are lightning fast. Whether you are protecting Mac, Windows, or Linux systems, you'll feel the power of new Retrospect.

Operation Improvement over v9.5 (Win) & v11.5 (Mac)

Backup with Mac engine

Up to 50% faster

Restore with Mac engine

Up to 350% faster

Building snapshot during Windows Client backup

Up to 200% faster

Copy backup on Mac

Up to 200% faster

Snapshot transfer on Windows

Up to 200% faster

Scanning on Mac, Windows and Linux

Up to 50% faster

Grooming on Mac and Windows

Up to 200% faster

Mar15 benchmarks mac en

Mar15 benchmarks win en

Last Update: March 1, 2016