Retrospect Client CLI status via retroclient


To access the status of the Retrospect Client using a command-line interface (CLI), you can use the -parms command on Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Retrospect Client:

./retroclient -parms
ProcessArgs: client is running set parms
    Parameter stateSig has value 0x53436667
    Parameter firstVers has value 0x201
    Parameter curVers has value 0x201
    Parameter totalSize has value 6120
    Parameter readonly has value 0
    Parameter restricted has value 0
    Parameter notifyAfter has value 0
    Parameter notifyNoBackup has value 1
    Parameter notifyNumDays has value 7
    Parameter sarFlags has value 3
    Parameter name has value MacBook Pro
    Parameter keyValue has value 680698504
    Parameter keyHash has value 4567040
    Parameter deferral has value 0
    Parameter loglevel has value 0x1
    Parameter lastBackupMonth has value 0
    Parameter lastBackupDay has value 0
    Parameter lastBackupYear has value 0
    Parameter hideMenu has value 0
    Parameter uiStateFlags has value 0

For example, if you want to check on whether the client has been logged in by a Retrospect server, you can check the sarFlags value for kSarFixed:

enum eSarFlags
    kSarReady            = (1<<0),
    kSarPresent            = (1<<1),
    kSarFixed            = (1<<2),

You can also get the last backup date from the output as well as a long list of other settings.

Last Update: March 17, 2022