Retrospect Backup 18 Licensing Changes

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Retrospect Backup 18 includes a number of licensing changes designed to simplify the product offering across platforms and editions:

  • Solo no longer supports backing up from a NAS share. It continues to support backing up to a NAS share.

  • Single Server (Disk-to-Disk) 5 for Windows has been renamed Single Server 5 for Windows. It continues to not support tape backup.

  • Added Single Server 5 for Mac. This does not include tape backup support.

  • Added Single Server 20 for Windows.

  • Management Console Addon is now an included feature in every edition.

  • All editions above Solo include Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM).

  • All editions above Solo have a Premium option: Open File Backup, Dissimilar Hardware (on Windows), Unlimited Email Accounts, Advanced Tape (Single Server 20 and above)

See Retrospect Backup comparison for more details.

Last Update: May 25, 2021