Error -1103 (write protected)


WARNING: We are working with Microsoft to resolve an issue with backing up the OneDrive folder when "Files On-Demand" is checked. In that setup, the OneDrive folder is currently not protected, even with Retrospect Backup 15.6, and if you do a full system restore (bare metal recovery), you need to uncheck the OneDrive "Files On-Demand" option.

Otherwise, Retrospect Backup will restore a blank folder, and the empty folder will be synced to the cloud, deleting any cloud files you may have.

Windows April 2018 Update requires Retrospect 15.1 for Windows and Mac. We found two issues with Microsoft’s VSS writer mechanism that returns an incorrect error when scanning the OneDrive folder, and previous versions stop scanning or stop system state backup:

Scanning incomplete error -1103 (write protected)
Trouble copying folders, error -1103 (write protected)

With Retrospect 15.1.2, the scan and backup do not stop. However, there is still a known issue where the OneDrive folder is not protected. We are in contact with Microsoft to resolve this.

If with the latest version of Retrospect you are still noticing the -1103 errors are interrupting your backups, you can correct the problem by enabling the Default administrator account on the system being backed up, and then setting Retrospect, or the Retrospect client to always run as that user. This may not be possible if the machine acts as a Domain controller.

First you must enable the default local Administrator. If you are correcting these errors on for a local backup this should be done on the machine hosting Retrospect. If this is for a client backup this should be done on the client machine.

  1. Head to Control Panel > Administrative tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Users

  2. Right click user account called Administrator with the description of “Built in account for administrating the Computer/Domain” and click Properties.

  3. Uncheck the “Account is disabled” checkbox and click OK.

  4. Now right click on the account again and choose “set password”. Choose to proceed Set a very strong password for this account

For Windows Home users the above options are not available, the command prompt must be used instead.

  1. Open up a command prompt run as Administrator.

  2. Enter: net user administrator /active:yes

  3. After entering the above you will need to set the password for that Administrator account.

  4. Enter: net user administrator [Password]

In this case [Password] should be substituted for the actual password. Set a very strong password for this account

Once the Default Administrator account has been enabled you should use the following steps depending on whether or not you are fixing the problem with a client or a local backup.

For local backups:

  1. Within Retrospect head to Configure > Preferences > Security and click the “Always run Retrospect as the specified user” radio button.

  2. Fill in the Default Administrator credentials and click OK.

For Client backups:

  1. Open up Services.exe on the client machine and locate the Retrospect Client service.

  2. Right click on the Retrospect Client service and choose “Properties”

  3. Select the “log on as” tab.

  4. Fill in the Default administrator account credentials and click

Last Update: October 31, 2018