Scripts are at the core of Retrospect. Every script includes a set of sources, destinations, filters, schedule, and options, allowing you to build detailed data protection strategies that are specific to your business.

  • Scripts 1 click backup square

    1-Click Backup

    With one click, BackupBot will automatically configure a Proactive script with all available sources to a selected destination. An entire backup strategy in a single click.

  • Scripts weekly server backup square

    Weekly Server Backup

    You can set up a script to back up your server every week, either at a fixed time or whenever it's available.

  • 3 2 1 backup rule

    3-2-1 Backup Rule

    Every good backup strategy follows the 3-2-1 backup rule–3 copies of your data with 2 media types and 1 offsite–and Retrospect Backup makes it easy. When something bad does happen, just click Restore. Details>>

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