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Complete Protection for your Business Servers

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Your business server is the engine of your business. Any disruption to it costs you time, and small businesses are perpetually short on time. Protecting your server with Retrospect Backup ensures you can recover quickly and move on.

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Backup: Data Insurance for Small Businesses

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Retrospect Backup provides complete protection for every major operating system, virtual environment, application, and email service–with backup, archive, and duplicate features built-in.

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Why Protect an Email Account?

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Your business's email is in the cloud. It's backed by your email provider's 99.9999% SLA, and they assured you that it's distributed among three different data centers. You verified that you can recover deleted email from a recycle bin. What could go wrong?

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Why Protect an Endpoint?

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Endpoint protection is frequently overlooked by small businesses. While your business might run on servers, your employees move the business forward on endpoints. It’s easy to take those desktops and laptops for granted, until something happens.

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Implementing the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

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Every good backup strategy follows the 3-2-1 backup rule–3 copies of your data with 2 media types and 1 offsite–and Retrospect Backup makes it easy. When something bad does happen, just click Restore.

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