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Amazon S3 Bucket Changes

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title: Amazon S3 Bucket Changes created_at: 2020.09.22 updated_at: 2020.09.22 category: Cloud Backup ---


Retrospect 17.5 and later is fully compatible with Amazon S3, both with path-style and virtual-host style DNS naming. See the examples below. Note the bucket name is part of the path in the path-style and part of the domain in the virtual-host style.

# Deprecated Path-Style
# Virtual-Host Style

Retrospect 17.0 and earlier are compatible with Amazon S3’s deprecated path-style DNS naming. Buckets created before September 30, 2020 will continue to work with these versions of Retrospect.


In May 2019, Amazon announced their deprecation plans for Amazon AWS S3 Path-Style Bucket URLs. As of September 30, 2020, new S3 buckets will not support the deprecated path-style bucket URL naming. See below for examples:


If you see error "Host not found or network unavailable", the issue could be that you are using a Retrospect version below 17.5 with a path-style domain. See screenshot.

Please upgrade to Retrospect 17.5 to use virtual-host domains.

Last Update: 22 September, 2020