Management Console - Granular Remote Management

Management Console

Management console

Retrospect Management Console allows you to monitor and manage every Retrospect engine in your organization and managed organizations. Starting in Retrospect Backup 16.5, customers can view and manage individual engine’s information, including scripts, sources, sets, and activities, for every engine with the Management Console add-on.

Redesigned UI

The new Retrospect Management Console interface is optimized for managing larger scale environments. We have moved the list of organizations and servers onto the left for easy navigation.

Granular remote redesigned ui

New Views

Retrospect Management Console now displays activities, sources, and backup sets for customers to drill down on.


Granular remote activities


Granular remote sources

Backup Sets

Granular remote sets

Scripts Management

Retrospect Management Console can also display scripts (only available with Retrospect Backup 16.5 engines).

Granular remote scripts

Scripts: Create New Destinations

Retrospect Management Console now lets customers create and edit scripts for individual engines, and those changes are sent to each engine every minute. Customers can create destinations as well, including local disk sets, NAS disk sets, and cloud sets.

Granular remote new script

Last Update: 01 October, 2019