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Improved Error Reporting


title: "Improved Error Reporting" created_at: 2017.10.31 updated_at: 2017.11.07 --- Retrospect has always had excellent error reporting. If there is an issue with your backup or restore, we call it out in the operations log.

To reduce the noise of spurious warnings, Retrospect 12.6 for Windows and Retrospect 14.6 for Mac no longer identify the following issues as warnings:

  • '''Cached Files''': These are operating system files that frequently change during a live system backup. Retrospect now does not count these files are warnings or "Remaining" if they do not compare.

  • '''No Longer Present Files''': These are files that were present during the scan of a live system backup but are not present when Retrospect attempts to back them up. As it is a live system, the operation system and the user make frequent changes to the system. If the file has been moved, Retrospect will back it up during the next backup. These files are no longer marked as "warnings" but for completeness, Retrospect continues to log that they were not found and summarizes them under the new log message "No longer present".

Last Update: 07 November, 2017