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macOS Catalina Support

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title: 'macOS Catalina Support' created_at: 2019.10.01 updated_at: 2019.11.05 category: Top Articles --- macOS Catalina is available, and Retrospect Backup 16.5 for Mac and Retrospect Client 16.5 for Mac both fully support it. However, there have been changes to be aware of.

Backup Sets at Root

Retrospect allows customers to save their backup sets wherever they want, including the root of their startup volume. In Catalina, Apple no longer allows applications to access the root of the startup volume and automatically relocates to /Users/Shared/Relocated Items/Security/Retrospect/. Customers that used a Catalina beta might also have items in /Users/Shared/Previously Relocated Items/Security/Retrospect/. Retrospect includes error log messages for these scenarios to let customers know where to locate their sets. In certain setups, Retrospect might instead log -2253, indicating that the volume was not found for that set.

Version 16.5 Required

macOS Mojave introduced "Full Disk Access" as a category under "Security & Privacy". Any application that needed access to certain system folders needed to be added. See our step-by-step guide. macOS Catalina extends that list of system folders to include user folders like Desktop, Documents, and Downloads along with removable volumes and network volumes.

Because of this, Retrospect Backup 16.5 is required to fully protect a macOS Catalina system.

Last Update: 05 November, 2019