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Retrospect Error -643 or -645 During Scan


title: "Retrospect Error -643 or -645 During Scan" created_at: 2017.01.10 updated_at: 2017.01.10 category: Resources ---

If the Retrospect process ends unexpectedly, it could result in problems saving some of temporary data files that are used when negotiating security with your servers. This could result in the following errors being reported during the scanning phase of a backup:

  • Error -643 (not a chunk file or badly damaged

  • Error -645 (chunk file damaged during save)

To resolve these errors, the damaged files must be deleted so Retrospect can recreate them.

  • Windows: Close Retrospect, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Retrospect\, and remove the RtrSec.dir directory.

  • Mac: Head to System Preferences > Retrospect and stop the Retrospect engine. Navigate to /Library/Application Support/Retrospect and remove the RtrSec.dir directory. Relaunch the Retrospect engine.

The next time you launch Retrospect and run a backup, new security files will be generated to replace the old, and your backups should continue as normal.

Last Update: 10 January, 2017