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Retrospect Virtual - Error: Internal Error 1011/1012


title: 'Retrospect Virtual - Error: Internal Error 1011/1012' created_at: 2018.06.04 updated_at: 2020.04.28 category: Virtualization --- If you log into the Retrospect Virtual Console (the web platform found at and are met with an "Internal Error 1012" error, please do the following:

  1. From the Retrospect Virtual Console, go to "License".

  2. Under the "Backup" Tab (at the top of the page), take a screenshot of the "Overview" section, including both the Licensee name and the License key

  3. Send the screenshot to support@retrospect.com.

  4. Retrospect Support will contact the licensing team to update your license.

The licensing server has recognized that one of the four below has changed:

  • MAC Address

  • Remote IP

  • Local IP

  • Local Port

When one of these changes, it results in an "Internal Error 1012" and requires the licensing team to relax the license and make it functional again.

If the machine where the Retrospect Virtual Console is installed on has a dynamic IP, it is highly recommended you switch it to static. If the machine is in a network environment where network traffic is routed to the Internet via multiple external IP addresses, it is suggested that the Retrospect Virtual Console host being given a static route out of the network to avoid 1011/1012 errors. For example, network load balancing is implemented using a dual WAN router, Round Robin routing, or a network card with multiple external IP.

Last Update: 28 April, 2020