Retrospect offers subscription licensing for Retrospect Backup, in monthly, 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year plans. Monthly subscriptions are available from our online store, and yearly subscriptions are available from our worldwide distribution network as well as our online store. A Retrospect Backup subscription offers a number of advantages over alternatives:

Under subscription licensing, Retrospect Backup periodically contacts the Retrospect server to fetch the latest subscription expiration date. The subscription is displayed at the bottom of the Retrospect Backup application. Customers can manually refresh that date using the Refresh menu item. Retrospect Backup will continue to function for 30 days after a subscription expires. See our step-by-step guide if you are having issues with your subscription expiration. Learn more 

To manage your subscription, please log into the Retrospect Portal and select Licenses.

To simplify our subscription product offering, there are a few differences between our subscription editions and our perpetual editions:

If you currently own a perpetual license, you can easily switch to a lower-cost subscription license by simply buying the new subscription license and adding it to Retrospect Backup. To switch from subscription to perpetual licensing, you will need to contact our Support team.


Retrospect offers perpetual licensing for Retrospect Backup and Retrospect Virtual. Retrospect Backup can be used without an internet connection, a common use case for a subset of customers. There is no required license activation. It works out-of-the-box.

All server-level editions of Retrospect with perpetual licensing include Annual Support and Maintenance.

Premium editions under perpetual licenses include Open File Backup Add-on and Dissimilar Hardware Restore Add-on.

Extend your coverage to one year of support and free software upgrades

Every copy of Retrospect Desktop, Retrospect Single Server, and Retrospect Multi Server comes with 30 days of complimentary support. You can contact us by phone or email; we're here to help. Extend your coverage to one year with our Annual Support and Maintenance contract and also receive one year of free software upgrades. That includes every major and minor release of your Retrospect product, with our fantastic support team ready to help if you have any issues.

After your complimentary coverage expires, you can find answers through our tutorials, our knowledgebase, and our forums. However, without Annual Support and Maintenance, contacting our support team after your coverage expires is $70 per incident. Trial customers receive complimentary coverage for the full period of their trial.

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Retrospect's Annual Support and Maintenance Contract includes the following for one year from the date of purchase:

Give yourself peace of mind with priority access to our senior technical support engineers and free product updates and upgrades for a year.



Purchased coverage recently? Register now.

Annual Support and Maintenance must be registered within 30 days of purchase. No product download is necessary. Your Annual Support and Maintenance License code is for record keeping purposes only, and does not need to be entered into the Retrospect License Manager.


Product Updates

When a new product version or a product update becomes available, you will receive an email instructing you on how to receive your copy. If you do not receive this email, please contact our support team.


Contacting Support

Our support team is available by phone and email. Please have your 16 digit Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) reference number available. Contact support.



Contact your preferred reseller or purchase a new Annual Support and Maintenance contract through our store. If you need help with your renewal part numbers contact or


What is a license code?

License codes are 16-digit alpha numeric codes with 4 sets of 4 digits (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX). License codes can be located by clicking on Configure > Licenses (Windows) or Preferences > Licenses (Mac).

If you purchased an electronic download and license code, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the software, as well as the license code for the product. If you purchased a boxed product, your license code will be inside the package on a card labeled "License Code," or on the inside flap of the CD folder.

You can find a registration number on the registration card that came with your product, on the bottom of the product box, or on the inside cover, directly underneath the CD in the jacket.


Upgrade Eligibility Policy for Retrospect Backup 19 for Windows and Retrospect Backup 19 for Mac


I've lost my license. How do I get a replacement license?

Replacement licenses are distributed to customers who currently own Retrospect products. If you are not a registered user, you will be required to provide proof of ownership before a replacement license can be issued. To request a replacement license for your software, please contact Customer Support.


Can I exchange my Retrospect for Macintosh license for a Retrospect for Windows license?

You can upgrade your Macintosh product to an equivalent product for Windows. Client packs are cross-platform, for Mac or Windows clients.


I have a UAC license code. How do I receive a permanent code?

If you receive a Retrospect product upgrade that comes with an upgrade authentication code (UAC), you must complete the following steps to obtain a permanent license code and use your software.

  1. Visit UAC Activation Wizard.
  2. Please have both your current Retrospect product license code and UAC ready.
  3. Enter your UAC and current license code in the appropriate fields on the Web page.

After you complete the process, you will receive your permanent license code via e-mail within 24 hours.

If the Web site does not allow you to enter this information, or if you have any questions, please contact the Retrospect Customer Support Team.


How do I activate my Competitive Upgrade?

Customers who purchase Competitive Upgrades will receive an e-mail with an upgrade authentication code (UAC). To receive a permanent license code and link to download the Retrospect software, please contact Customer Support.

Customers must provide valid proof of ownership to take advantage of the Competitive Upgrade program. One of the following items from an approved competitor product must be submitted to qualify for the competitive upgrade:

If you have questions, please contact Customer Support.


Retrospect's License Agreement is grayed out. What do I do?

Retrospect will not allow you to accept the Licensing Agreement until after you have scrolled to the bottom of the agreement. Once you are at the bottom, you should see the Accept button become available.


I entered my license code into the software, but it is telling me that the code failed. What do I do?

If you have copied and pasted the license code into the prompt, it is possible that an extra space was added at the end of your code. Please try typing the license code into the prompt, exactly as it appears in your e-mail or on the license card from the package. If you have tried this already and the code is still not accepted, it is possible you have purchased the wrong product for your computer. Please call the Customer Service department for further assistance.


Why won't Retrospect accept my license code?

The License Manager will only accept:

The License Manager will not accept:

Still have questions? Please contact Customer Support.