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Retrospect Backup protects your business from what ifs. It’s an insurance policy on your business data. You have insurance for your office, your house, your car, and your health. Your business data deserves one too.

Elija la herramienta apropiada para proteger a su empresa.

3 Ways for Dropbox to Fail

Dropbox is an excellent file syncing service, and it double as a free file backup service with offsite storage. With version history, you can restore versions of a file up to a month old (or four months with paid plans). Drop a file into the Dropbox folder, and you’re good to go, for that file. Unless something happens.

  1. No Disaster Recovery

    All hardware eventually stops working, but you never know when. One morning, your computer just does not turn on. You can sync your Dropbox folder to a new computer, but everything that was not in Dropbox is gone. Downtime is costly, and you don’t want to spend days recreating your system, bit by bit. You want to get back to work.

  2. Ransomware Strikes

    Ransomware affects individuals, small offices and large companies. Anyone at any business can get an email from UPS with a PDF attached, double-click on it without thinking, and infect their computer with ransomware. Getting your data back only costs $500, unless it costs more or the decryption feature is buggy or there was never a decryption feature. Your entire computer is not in Dropbox. What data are you going to miss when ransomware hits?

  3. File Not Synced

    Dropbox files live in the Dropbox folder. If your file is not in that folder, Dropbox is not protecting it, and it’s easy to forget to move every important file into it. You probably have dozens of files in your downloads folder, in your documents folder, or on your desktop. What if you miss one? Backup should be effortless, and endpoint protection is about safeguarding every file, not just the ones in a certain folder.

Resultado final

Retrospect Backup protects your business from what ifs. It’s an insurance policy on your business data. You have insurance for your office, your house, your car, and your health. Your business data deserves one too.

La mejor herramienta para respaldar su trabajo

  • White paper system recovery

    Recuperación del sistema

    Dropbox syncs files. It does not protect your operating system. It takes days to recreate an operating system from scratch, with specific operating system versions, system state, application installations and settings, and user preferences. You cannot restore these with Dropbox. Retrospect does full system backup and recovery for your entire environment.

  • White paper local backup

    Recuperación local rápida

    Dropbox lives in the cloud. When you lose a file, Dropbox makes it easy to get it back. When you lose 100GB of files, that takes days to get back. Local backups provide fast on-site recovery, so that your business does not stop while Dropbox is downloading. Retrospect enables you to get back to work quickly with local recovery that is not dependent on your download speed.

  • White paper long term data retention

    Retención de datos a largo plazo

    Dropbox offers a month of version history for free and a couple months for its paid plans. It is not designed for long-term versioning. You can’t go back six months and get a file back from Dropbox. With Retrospect, you can. Retrospect provides unlimited backups, so you can recover a file from yesterday, six months ago, or even five years ago, and with our customizable data retention policies, you can decide the length of time for your business’s data retention needs.

  • White paper cloud

    Lo mejor de ambos mundos

    Offsite backups are essential protection against ransomware, theft, and disaster, and Retrospect seamlessly integrates with Dropbox to storage destination for your offsite backups. You can filter out large files to minimize storage, and using Dropbox’s Selective Sync, the backups are never synced down to your computers.

  • White paper complete data protection

    Protección de datos completa

    With cross platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Retrospect offers business backup with system recovery, local backup, long-term retention, along with centralized management, end-to-end security, email protection, and extensive customization–all at an affordable price for a small business.

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