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Partner Program: New 'Backup Services' Expertise Certification

More and more small to medium sized businesses are looking to IT Providers to monitor or manage their backup and recovery operations, as the trend continues to outsource their IT requirements to external Service Providers.

To assist businesses in finding the right IT Partners which can provide a level of monitored or managed backup, Retrospect have introduced a 'Backup Services' Expertise Certification, and we will be highlighting this Expertise to prospective clients in our online Partner Locator.

"…​A Certified Service Expertise Retrospect Partner is a Retrospect Partner who also offers a level of monitored or managed backup service for their clients using Retrospect. These services can range from an additional watchful eye to ensure your backups are running reliably and persistently or that any interruptions are swiftly identified and remediated, through to offering full management of your backup operations, regular testing, and reporting back to you on status at regular intervals. Backup Service Partners are able to offer Retrospect on subscription, or as part of a backup service subscription on its own or as a component of wider IT services. NB. You should always consider responsibility for your own backups and ensuring that they are operational, and successfully restorable."

  • Are you confident that your backups are reliably and persistently running?

  • Is there someone constantly monitoring your backup status to pick up any halts in operations and promptly remediate any issues?

  • Have you ever needed to do a restore and discovered that there are gaps in your backup snapshots?

  • Is your restore process regularly tested?

  • Do you know when your backup storage will require additional capacity?

Retrospect Partners with Services Expertise utilise Retrospect’s secure Management Console system as the backbone of a Backup-Operations-Centre, allowing them to answer these questions for you at a glance, whilst keeping your data separate, confidential, protected - and recoverable.


Simon Carr

Simon Carr is Regional Director, EMEA at Retrospect.