Cloud Backup - How to Set Up Wasabi for Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Wasabi is a cloud storage provider focused on single-tier hot storage, very low costs at $0.0039/GB a month, and extremely fast speeds. Retrospect 12.5 and higher for Windows and Retrospect 14.5 and higher for Mac are certified for Wasabi. Follow these step-by-step instructions for setting up a Wasabi account and adding it to Retrospect.

Step-by-step Guide

Video Tutorial - Retrospect Backup for Windows

Video Tutorial - Retrospect Backup for Mac

Account Setup Guide

Setting up a Wasabi account is quick and easy.

  1. Visit Wasabi and click "Try it free".

  2. Type in your first name, last name, and email address and click "Start your free trial". Wasabi requires you to verify your email address, so check your email for the verification link. When you click on the verification link, type in a password and click "Sign up".

  3. After you verify your email address and sign up with a password, you’ll be redirected to the Wasabi Dashboard. It gives you an overview of your account and lists your storage buckets. You do not need to create a storage bucket for Retrospect; it will create one for you.

  4. Next click on the three-line icon at the top left for the menu, click "Access Keys", and then click "Create New Access Key".

  5. Save the access key and secret key. You’ll need them for Retrospect’s integration.

Information for Retrospect

Retrospect needs three pieces of information to access Wasabi:

  • (or applicable region)

  • Access Key – Use the Access Key from above.

  • Secret Key – Use the Secret Key from above.

These are the current regional URLs:

  • Wasabi US East 1 (N. Virginia): or

  • Wasabi US East 2 (N. Virginia):

  • Wasabi US Central 1 (Texas):

  • Wasabi US West 1 (Oregon):

  • Wasabi EU Central 1 (Amsterdam):

If you receive the error "These credentials are not valid", your URL might not be correct. Please verify that it includes the region.

Adding Cloud Storage in Retrospect

Añadir el almacenamiento en la nube como destino es simple. Retrospect tiene un nuevo tipo de conjunto llamado "nube". Cree un nuevo conjunto de copia de seguridad/conjunto de medios y seleccione "nube" como tipo.

Interfaz de Windows

Interfaz de Mac

Next you’ll need to enter your cloud storage credentials. Retrospect allows customers to set the maximum storage usage, up to 100TB. If you have an existing bucket, type it into "Bucket". Otherwise, leave that field blank, and Retrospect will walk through creating a new one.

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Using Cloud Storage in Retrospect

Usar el almacenamiento en la nube es simple. Después de haber creado un conjunto en la nube, cree una nueva secuencia de comandos o añádala a una ya existente y haga clic en "Ejecutar". La copia de seguridad se iniciará, siendo subido el contenido del conjunto a su lugar de almacenamiento en la nube. Puede hacer un seguimiento del progreso en la ejecución/actividad.

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Known Issues with Wasabi

There is a known issue with Wasabi cloud storage integration. Retrospect does not support using non-ASCII characters in the backup set name at this time. Retrospect is able to back up and restore using them, but it cannot rebuild with them.

Throttling Cloud Backups in Retrospect

La limitación para la copia de seguridad en la nube y la restauración de la nube está disponible en Preferencias.

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General Tips

Below are a number of tips for using cloud storage in Retrospect:

Last Update: 21 de junio de 2021