Retrospect Virtual: Predefined Destination Blank


Let’s walk through what to do when adding a Predefined Destination to a User Policy Group and nothing happens or your destination stays blank.

User Predefined Destinations are initially configured by the Retrospect admin within the Retrospect Virtual Management Console. These must be added to basic system settings first for them to be available when assigning to a User Policy Group.

  1. Log into the Retrospect Virtual Management Console (VMC).

  2. Go to System Settings > Basic > tab 'Predefined Destinations'

  3. Click the + symbol to add a new destination. When finished, click the green + symbol on the bottom right to confirm adding the destination

  4. You will be sent back to the 'Predefined Destinations' tab. Click the green disk icon on the bottom right, saving the change.

  5. From the VMC dashboard, go to Backup/Restore > Users, Groups & Policies > tab 'Policy Group'

  6. Click the policy you wish to add the new destination to

  7. In the policy settings page, click 'Backup Set Settings' on the left navigation bar

  8. Notice the section 'Destinations Visible to Users'. If you would like these destination options for users, toggle the switch on the right to 'on'.

  9. In the subsection 'Predefined Destination' click the + symbol

  10. The newly created destination is now available to assign to the User Policy Group. Check the box next to the destination. Click the green + symbol on the bottom right.

  11. Click the green disk icon on the bottom right to save the change to the policy

Your Predefined Destination should be available now.

Last Update: 15 de febrero de 2019