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New Thunderbolt hardware certified

Hardware is a critical part of any backup workflow. There are a wide array of hardware devices to choose from, and our in-house team tests a multitude of them to certify they are fully supported by Retrospect. Through the years, we've tested devices from 171 manufacturers with 21 different interface types and 49 media types—just over 2,200 in all. It's quite a bit of testing. To see the results, check out our Banco de dados de dispositivos.

Thunderbolt is a new lightning-fast hardware interface for Macs and PCs. Last week, we certified two ATTO Thunderlink devices, FC 1082 and SH 1068, for our Mac product. These devices are enclosures that allow you to connect your Mac mini or MacBook Pro (instead of the more expensive MacPro tower) to a SAS tape library or a Fibre Channel tape library via the Thunderbolt interface, giving you a super-fast backup to tape at a fraction of the price. Find out more information about ATTO's Thunderlink products.

We work hard to certify all these devices to ensure your backups are seamless. Let us know if we're missing one that you rely on.


Kristin Goedert

Kristin Goedert is Director of Marketing and has been with Retrospect for more than a decade.