Quantum LTO-7 HH

January 14, 2016





6TB Native 15TB Compressed


Mac Windows
Status Qualified Qualified
Produto Mínimo Requerido Desktop Desktop
Versão Mínima Requerida 12.5 10.5
Atualização mínima de driver
Firmware Mínimo
Notas - -

Qualificado - Aprovada extensa certificação interna. O dispositivo de armazenamento é totalmente suportado.


Quantum's LTO-7 tape drives deliver reliable data protection with tremendous capacity and performance at an affordable price. In addition, they use less power than LTO-5 drives, making a "greener" and more energy efficient solution.

Fast backup and restore performance –at speeds up to 750MB/s (2.7TB/hr)*

Protect 15TB of data on each cartridge*

WORM (Write Once, Read Many) functionality

Partitioning capability

Two generations of backward read compatibility

* Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-7 and LTO-6, 2:1 for other LTO

O que há de novo no Retrospect – Retrospect Backup 18 + Retrospect Virtual 2021 = Proteção contra ransomware  

Proteção de dados para todos os ambientes.


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