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Express HD - Upgrading from Express HD to Professional


title: Express HD - Upgrading from Express HD to Professional created_at: 2012.02.13 updated_at: 2012.02.13 category: Legacy platforms: Windows ---

When upgrading from Retrospect Express HD to Retrospect Professional, you may want to continue performing backups to your existing backup set. This document outlines how to smoothly transfer your backup data into the Retrospect Professional software.

  1. Install Retrospect 7.x Professional (or any other edition of Retrospect 7.x)

  2. Using Add and Remove Programs, uninstall Retrospect Express HD 1.x or 2.x software

  3. Open Retrospect 7.x, and enter your license code. After entering your license code, the getting stated wizard will ask you if you would like to perform a backup now. Uncheck the Backup Now option.

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