Thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us! Here are a few that are able to share.

"I was out at sea as a tall ship trainer and the senior VP sent me an email about a set of old project files that was part of a 5 years or later purge audit. It was urgent for that it referenced for an up coming board of directors meeting. After convincing the Captain to navigate the ship closer to shore to get in cell service range, I was able to remote in, find the projects files and restore them back onto the file server inside a one hour window."

- Nelson at New York University

"A few years ago we had a power surge in the building due to some construction on the street outside and 'lost' a bunch of data... luckily we were able to restore nearly everything thanks to our backups thru Retrospect! A literal company-saver!"

- James at CRASH+SUES

"Our school "Cardinal Newman High School" was mostly destroyed during the during the 2017 October Santa Rosa fire. Retrospect engineers were able to help us recover all of the schools data from back-up which was kept off-site."

- Dirk at Cardinal Newman High School

"We had to use it twice (about a year apart) when our server was knocked out for a power surge and again for a later lightning strike. Our other back-ups proved unreliable to restore the data. Retrospect literally saved the day for us."

- Debbie at Martin Enterprises

"Teacher spill on laptop years of documents, wanted it back, able to recover data. Happy teacher see me and thank you that I have Retrospect."

- Billy at Hayward United School District

"We have an immense customer database (over 14,000) along with inventory records, sales records, etc. We'd had some kind of computer glitch where we'd lost all our data physically. Thankfully we were backing up with Retrospect; it only took our IT guy about an hour to get back all our data and have us running again."

- Anonymous

"The coolest story is also one of my earliest memories of rescuing data with Retrospect. I was working for Printing Inc in Wichita KS, and one of my support clients was Coleman (as in, the original outdoor camping gear company, when Sheldon Coleman was still at the helm). I believe it was 1990 or 1991. They had one graphics workstation (Mac Iici) with a 500MB external hard drive. That drive crashed with EVERY BIT of design work on it. Of course, Retrospect to the rescue and everything was restored immediately after replacing the hard drive."

- Danl at Blackwood Enterprises

"We generally don't need it, but when we do it is there and easy to manage. Thankfully we haven't had to do complete restores, but the repeated story is simple: suddenly a users file is corrupted or just missing. Of course, the user "didn't do anything", but with a few clicks the Retrospect Backup system gets everything back in place and the user back to work."

- Mark at Houston Museum of Natural Science

"My first month in the role and a member of our senior leadership team lost her work due to a hard drive failure. Managed to recover all her important documents from the backup. Saved my life!"

- David at Sandling School