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Product Launch Event: ITCG

Partner events itcg 2018

Great to meet with everyone at ITCG in India!

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Partner Updates: New Certification and Expertise Assets

Partner updates logos and certificates

We've updated our partner certification logos and our expertise logos, along with a new 1-Click printable partner certificate PDF in the Partner Portal.

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Product Launch Event: SalesPoint

Partner events salespoint header 2018

Great discussion about data protection for small businesses with Olaf at SalesPoint in Germany!

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Product Launch Event: Biscuit

Partner events biscuit 2018

We stopped in at Biscuit in Germany this week for a good discussion on data protection for small businesses and what's new in Retrospect. Thanks for meeting with us, Philipp!

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How to protect your paperless finances

Paperless finances 630

Paperless finances are ubiquitous these days. Every financial institution promotes paperless billing and paperless statements. You can get an email every month, letting you know the latest statement is ready for your perusal and download. No more paper copies to store somewhere. It's a welcome step toward reducing physical clutter, but those statements are still relevant, both now and far into the future. Keeping a local copy, albeit a digital version, is still an important step in protecting your finances.

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