What's New in Retrospect – Retrospect Backup 19 + Retrospect Virtual 2022 + Retrospect Cloud Storage

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Find your 16-character license codes under "Configure > Licenses" (Windows) or "Preferences > Licenses" (Mac). Learn more at Retrospect Licensing Options
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Transparent Pricing

We don't hide our pricing behind a quote form or an enterprise sales team. All of our prices are available on the website on-demand, and our upgrade and renewal pricing is personalized to your account.


Painless Upgrades

Retrospect Backup is painless to upgrade, with no downtime and built-in support for older versions as far back as Retrospect 7.6 for Windows and Retrospect 8 for Mac. The installer automatically stops the server to ensure your data is at rest and relaunches to get up and running again, with no data migration necessary.


Runs on Anything

Retrospect Backup will use as much (or as little) as your hardware can offer. Retrospect can utilize a Windows Server 2022 machine with 128GB of RAM for its 16 simultaneous backups or run on a ten-year-old iMac. Retrospect just works.


Stellar Support

That's what our customers say. They rave about their experiences with our excellent Support team. We help customers optimize their backup strategies every day, and they're just a phone call or email away. We'll work with you to ensure your business is completely protected.

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