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COVID-19: How to Protect Endpoints for Remote Employees

Remote employees pose a significant problem to legacy backup systems. Their endpoint needs data protection, but with ubiquitous cloud services like Office 365 and Dropbox, those employees don't need to log into the VPN on their laptop to get work done. Without the VPN, legacy backup systems cannot back up these desktops and laptops because the agents are behind firewalls and routers with network address translators (NATs).

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Announcing Retrospect Backup 17 and Retrospect Virtual 2020

We're excited to announce that Retrospect Backup 17 for Windows and Mac and Retrospect Virtual 2020 are now available worldwide with a streamlined onboarding process for new servers, endpoints, physical instances, and virtual instance.

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On-Demand Webinar: Manage Backups from Anywhere with Retrospect with Q&A

30th Anniversary Event Wrap Up

30th Anniversary Giveaway - $5k in Prizes