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US Partner Event: "Advanced Solutions Summit" with Ingram Micro

Ingram micro 778

Our North America sales team had a great time at Ingram Micro's 'Advanced Solutions Summit' last month, speaking with partners about how Retrospect can protect their whole environment without breaking the bank.

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US Partner Event: "Put Production in Overdrive" with Connection

Connection 778

Our North America sales team joined Connection's 'Put Production in Overdrive' event last week and met up with a couple long-time partners.

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France Partner Event: Tour de France with Distriwan

Distriwan 778

Our sales manager in France, Camille Martin, had a great time presenting to partners in Nantes with Distriwan, our new French distributor!

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Product Release: Retrospect 12.1 for Windows and Retrospect 14.1 for Mac

June 2017 release 778

We're happy to announce the latest release of Retrospect for Windows and Retrospect for Mac. Retrospect is now 50% faster at cloud backup and includes a long list of bug fixes.

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Script Hooks (Event Handlers) in Retrospect

Eventhandlers 778

Retrospect administrators can use Retrospect's external scripting to hook into Retrospect's events. These hooks can be used to integrate with monitoring systems, quiesce databases and other services before a backup starts or alert the administrator to unusual error conditions. Script hooks can also be used as web hooks, triggering events on services such as Slack or IFTTT.

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