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When can a Copy also be a Backup?

Copy vs backup

I recently overheard our customer service folk pondering whether copies alone (also called _Duplicates_ in Retrospect) qualify as a form of backup. Like concerned parents they pointed out; "simple copies don't provide versioning, redundancy or encryption protection." Now I agree these traditional backup features are good things, but I also wondered whether we were short changing the importance of Retrospect's copy feature as part of our total protection solution.

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Get Retrospect notifications on your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or Android with IFTTT

Ifttt retrospect

One of our engineers wanted to receive notifications on their Apple Watch whenever a backup completed. IFTTT made it easy. IFTTT (an abbreviation of "If This Then That") is a free service that allows people to create applets, sets of simple conditional statements which trigger actions on other web services, like Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Disaster recovery on the Mac, or my dog destroyed my wife’s laptop

Dog on computer

Last week, Dennis, one of our long-time developers, shared the following story. His wife had volunteered to organize their annual school's garage sale. The big event was four days away, and she had been using her old but trusty Mac laptop to coordinate between all the parents. Their dog jumped up on the bed and away went the laptop to the hard, tiled floor. That was the end of the hard drive.

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Retrospect at Ondra

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