Retrospect Certified for LTO-7 Tape Devices


We’re pleased to announce that Retrospect 10.5 for Windows and Retrospect 12.5 for Mac are now certified for LTO-7 tape devices.

Tape backup remains an essential part of a complete backup strategy and serves as an excellent complement to disk backup. Tape is a cheap, durable storage format that businesses can easily move to off-site locations, so it’s an appropriate destination for a second copy of a backup set or an archive of old content. Retrospect makes it easy to back up directly to tape or transfer an existing disk backup set to a tape set for long-term storage.

LTO-7 is the seventh generation of the LTO format standard, the world’s most popular tape format, with a native capacity of 6TB and a compressed capacity of 15TB. For comparison, LTO-6 had a native capacity of 2.5TB with a compressed capacity of 6.25TB. The LTO-7 format represents a 2.4x increase in data storage. For more information about LTO, visit

For a complete list of compatible devices, see our Devices section.

Employee Spotlight: George M., Lead Software Engineer


George has worked on the Retrospect product for 13 years, going all of the way back to v5.0 for Mac. Throughout his Retrospect career, he has played a role in 13 different versions–seven Mac and five Windows.

Where can you see his hand on the product? Just a few of his claims to fame are continued development of the Retrospect clients, Mac engine development, and Windows application development. Most recently, he has been working on adding support for Exchange 2016 to the product.

In his free time, George is an active supporter of youth soccer, and for the past 12 years, he has coached an American Youth Soccer Organization team. His most recent team of 12 and 13 year-olds made it to the playoffs!

Retrospect, Inc: Four years on


Retrospect has been protecting data since 1984. Four years ago, we had the opportunity to create a company solely focused on Retrospect. We thought it was a great idea, and after four years, thousands of customers agree. Thanks so much for trusting Retrospect with your data!

-- The entire Retrospect team

Employee Spotlight: Jeff M., Technical Support Engineer, Retrospect Americas


Jeff has been with the team for 8 years, starting as an intern at age 17. He says, "The people here are like my second family. It’s a place I can get a lot of work done without being constantly stressed."

What a customer said about Jeff

"My call for help came in just before the stated closing time, and Jeff stayed with me till about 30 minutes after closing, without hurrying me or leaving me to resolve the problem on my own…​ If I hadn’t resolved the problem, I would’ve been unable to use my computer, which was a pretty unworkable thought!"

Equipment Donation to Stockton School District

We're pleased to support the Stockton Unified School District with a donation of eleven computer monitors. Pictured are Principal Andre Phillips and Math Dept Chair Andrew Walter. Walter said, "As Stagg High School in Stockton moves into the era of common core, the need for technology is growing. Thanks Retrospect for your generous donation of 11 monitors".