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Four reasons why Retrospect is the best solution for Backblaze B2 backup

Why retrospect 778

Businesses have many options to back up to the Cloud, so why choose Retrospect? The answer is that Retrospect has built-in centralized management, a wider host of features and options, and and can safeguard your data in more places. Today's post will go over each of these to demonstrate why we think Retrospect is the best solution for Backblaze's B2 Cloud Storage.

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Maximizing Backblaze B2 performance with Retrospect

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In 'Migrate to the cloud' we covered setting Retrospect to work with Backblaze's B2 service. For network speeds up to about 100 Mbps, Retrospect can saturate your network with a single backup. If you are fortunate enough to have a super-fast connection, here are some steps you can take to maximize Retrospect's performance with Backblaze.

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Migrate to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud 778

Now that Retrospect supports Backblaze's B2 service, it is a good time to talk about staging options that you can add to your existing backup strategy. Doing so adds both redundancy as well as offsite security. Additionally, if you have been using an old tape format that you aren't comfortable with in a disaster recovery scenario, migrating your tape sets to Backblaze or other cloud providers is easy to do with Retrospect.

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A Day in the Life of Lennart Thelander, Senior Systems Developer

Day in the life

Our guest for this month's 'Day In The Life' series is Lennart Thelander, Senior Systems Developer at PostNord Logistics TPL. Lennart is one of the godfathers of our Retrospect forum and has been dispensing great advice since 2003. Today, we get to hear about his personal side. Thanks Lennart!

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Audit your backups

Audit your backups 778

Moving can be be a disaster, or at least enough of one to make you reevaluate your company's disaster recovery plan. Retrospect, Inc. recently relocated a number of servers offsite. This was a good opportunity to audit our own internal backup and disaster recovery plan. We took this opportunity to audit our own internal backup and disaster recovery plan. Today's blog post is going to go over how you can do that as well.

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