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How to Integrate Retrospect with IFTTT

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IFTTT, short for "If This, Then That", is an online instant messaging and collaboration tool used by over one million users. One of its compelling innovations is the ability to integrate a wide variety of applications to all go to IFTTT. With Script Hooks, you can monitor Retrospect from IFTTT as well.

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[Webinar on Friday] Provide multiple layers of data protection with Retrospect and Backblaze B2

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Join Retrospect and Backblaze to discuss how Strategic Business Insights (SBI) provides multiple layers of backup protection for its critical data.

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Case Study: Strategic Business Insights

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SBI is the former Business Intelligence division of SRI International, the folk that invented the first computer mouse. Headquartered in Silicon Valley–with offices in Japan, the United Kingdom, and New Jersey–SBI has a global reach that works across a wide range of government and business sectors, including electronics, health care, energy, and financial services. Jon Hammar has been the IT Manager in charge of protecting SRI's data for the last twenty years. Jon and SBI have relied on Retrospect as a core component during those years and Jon kindly agreed to let us interview him to find out how he uses Retrospect - and how he plans on incorporating Backblaze and the Backblaze B2 service that Retrospect recently supports.

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Protection from Ransomware with Retrospect

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The WannaCry Ransomware has affected more than 300,000 computers in over 150 countries but is just one in a growing list of malware that can effectively wipe out your data. Here are some tips on using Retrospect to protect your data and keep it from happening to you, as well as using Retrospect to find out if it has happened so that you can recover quickly.

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Customizing your Slack integration for Retrospect

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Slack is an online instant messaging and collaboration tool used by over one million users. The recent release of Retrospect has eventhandlers for Slack as well as a number of other services. Today's blog post is about customizing the default Slack eventhandler to include the Retrospect server name for each message - handy if you have more than one Retrospect server running.

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