Retrospect at Kabia's SMB event on the French Riviera


Retrospect will be at Kabia's SMB event, taking place on Thursday, April 10, in Nice, France.

We're looking forward to meeting entrepreneurs and IT managers from the region to discuss data protection needs, challenges, and solutions.

We'll be joined by Evelyn Farez from Cisco and Corinne Meynier from Kabia.

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See you there!

Retrospect France

Meet our new distributor Lidera Network


We're pleased to introduct our new distributor in Spain and Portugal: Lidera Network!

Lidera Network was founded ten years ago with the idea of creating a true distributor specializing in information security, dedicated from the start to findings and training the best partners for the IT channel:

  • Computer purchases
  • Consultants
  • Integrators
  • and technical services...

...that need a proactive and trusted distributor, covering a need in the IT channel for Spain and Portugal dedicated to SOHO and SMB.

Lidera Network has specialized in different areas: Security, SaaS, Networking, and Storage and Virtualization.

Jose Carlos Jimeno, Director of Channels at Lidera Network, said: “Our goal is to offer our channel solutions that suit the specific needs of each customer. In this sense, Retrospect's solutions will complete our offering for security solutions for SMBs.”.

Meet Our Newest UK Distributor!

Beta Distribution PLC


With over 30 years in the IT industry, Beta Distribution is one of the UK’s largest independently owned IT products Distributors.

Known for their high level of service and consistently competitive pricing, over recent years Beta has become recognised for its increasing portfolio of storage and related products for both Windows and Mac environments.

Retrospect: the Swiss Army Knife of Data Protection


In today’s era of explosive data growth, most business’ critical information is kept digitally to provide faster access, reduce infrastructure costs, and afford better security. Home Offices and Small & Medium size Businesses (SMBs) are the fastest growing segment of this “data explosion” phenomenon.

Because of this, finding the right data protection solution is critical for Home Offices and SMBs - but this can be a confusing and expensive task. Many solutions are limited in what business data they protect or how they protect it. Some protect server data only, some protect files only, and some don’t offer Bare Metal Disaster Recovery, Archiving, Duplication, etc. This often leads businesses to buy enterprise solutions that are overkill for their needs, or multiple data protection solutions to have a complete protection plan, increasing costs and complexity.

Retrospect is the “Swiss Army Knife” of data protection, providing a complete and versatile Backup & Recovery, Data Archiving, and Duplication solution for home offices, Small & Medium sized Businesses, and departments in larger organizations. After more than 25 years working directly with SMB customers, Retrospect continues to hand-craft a complete 3-in-1 data protection solution designed specifically to meet their needs.


Backup and Recovery


Retrospect automates the backup process for networked servers and workstations. Leveraging Incremental and Proactive Backup technologies, critical data is backed up intelligently, providing flexible and flawless restores from disks and tapes. Retrospect also covers Bare Metal Disaster Recovery by creating a boot CD, DVD or Flash media for fast recovery from a non-bootable state.

Key technologies:

  • Block Level Incremental Backup searches out the changed pieces of large files and only backs up those blocks, speeding up backups and using less storage space.
  • Proactive Backup watches for “on the go” computers and automatically backs them up when they connect to the network.
  • Automatic File-Level Deduplication maximizes storage usage by only copying unique files—even across multiple computers—to the backup media.
  • Dissimilar Hardware Restore makes it possible to recover an entire system—including the OS, applications, registry, and data—to a computer of different model or manufacturer.
  • Cross Platform Support protects physical as well as virtual machines running Windows, Mac and Linux.

Data Archiving


Retrospect easily migrates and consolidates inactive critical data for long-term data retention to meet business and government compliance needs. Utilizing backup set and snapshot transfer technology along with disk grooming capabilities, data is efficiently moved off to cost-effective long-term, off-site storage.

Key technology:

  • Automatic Disk Grooming automatically removes older backups based on selected policy when more space is needed on disk-based storage. This technology allows Retrospect to perform faster, smaller Smart Incremental Backups forever with long term data retention.



Retrospect’s duplication feature is a powerful tool that allows users to clone files in their native format for immediate access from the same or different computer. This feature also leverages Retrospect’s incremental backup technology so only files that have changes will be cloned, saving time and storage space.

Retrospect’s complete data protection provides you the peace of mind knowing that your critical data is protected with one easy-to use and easy-to-manage solution that meets your needs, including fast and effective recovery from disasters, smart long term data retention, and accessible duplication technology.


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SQP Roadshow Paris 4th of March 2014


Retrospect and our French distributor SQP will be back in Paris for an event on March 4th. Camille Martin, Matt Johnson and Jean-Christian Dumas are looking forward to meeting you there to share some exciting news!

Be sure to register on the SQP website for the event.

Address: Pavillon Royal -Carrefour du Bout du Lac, Route de Suresnes, 75016 Paris

Details: 9am to 2pm. Breakfast and cocktail buffet are provided.

See you there!