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Retrospect protects over 100,000 homes and businesses in over 100 countries, backing up data from as far away as the Hubble Telescope and as close by as your neighborhood dentist. We've been used to restore data nineteen years later as well as the laptop that was just backed up - right before being kicked off the bed by the dog.

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    “It saved us from complete data loss.“

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    “Retrospect makes even the most massive Mac backups simple.“

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    “Retrospect is ideal for business environments.“


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“I have had to work with just about every other product on the market. Retrospect beats them all hands down.”

Johan Vos - The Jupiter Drawing Room


“It has been a reliable backup solution for our clients for over 15 years.”

Calvin Anderson - WestWorld Computers Ltd


“The people who work at Retrospect are the best!“

Bruce Oliver - Bruce Oliver Consulting


“I have had several server crashes, and Retrospect has saved my critical data. Restoration was a breeze. It's an outstanding, easy to use product–well priced for so much functionality.“

Steve Bergmann - Venn Tech Services


“We had an architect client who deleted plans for a new museum. Easily 1,000's of man hours invested. Retrospect saved their job.“

Chris Cooper - Fortuna Group


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    Protect every computer in your business

    Retrospect can back up one or a hundred servers, desktops, and laptops running Windows, Mac, and Linux–all within a single product. And Retrospect can store those backups on-site on external hard drives, network-attached storage (NAS) devices, SAN arrays, and tape libraries or in the cloud on Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, and more–protected with AES-256 encryption.

  • Trial enterprise

    Enterprise-class features, designed for small businesses

    Retrospect supports a myriad of enterprise-class features designed for small businesses:

    • “Forever Incremental“ backups for incremental and synthetic full backups, providing fast backups with full point-in-time restores and bare-metal disaster recovery
    • Fine-grained scheduling for protection only during off-hours or proactive backup for roaming laptops
    • Rule-based inclusion and exclusion policies for precise controls on what data is protected
    • Data migration strategies, including disk to disk to tape (D2D2T), disk to disk to cloud (D2D2C), and cloud to cloud with retention policies like grandfather-father-son built in
    • Remote management for monitoring Retrospect on Windows, Mac, iPhone with detailed email reporting
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    “Stellar Support“

    That's what our customers say. They rave about their experiences with our excellent Support team. We help customers optimize their backup strategies every day, and they're just a phone call or email away. We'll work with you to ensure your business is completely protected.