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Upgrade Eligibility Policy for Retrospect 10 for Windows and Retrospect 12 for Mac

  • Products with current Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) agreements – Upgrade for free using the ASM Upgrade Wizard.
  • Retrospect 9.x for Windows or Retrospect 11.x for Mac purchases between Feb 1, 2015 through March 17, 2015 – Upgrade for free by contacting Customer Support with your license code.
  • Retrospect 8.x/9.x for Windows or Retrospect 10.x/11.x for Mac purchases before Feb 1, 2015 – See the upgrade price for your product using the Upgrade Wizard.
  • Bundled products – Bundled versions of the product are excluded from upgrade pricing.

Do you have an older version of Retrospect?

If you have an existing product, locate your Retrospect License code and enter it below to find which Retrospect upgrade products you are eligible to purchase.

Enter your license code:

ASM Upgrade Wizard


Customers with active support contracts may be entitled to a free upgrade of their supported products.

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UAC Activation Wizard


UAC (Upgrade Activation Code) licenses do not provide functionality by themselves in the product but must be activated along with an existing license code for the application.

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