What's New in Retrospect

The latest version of Retrospect is packed with features for helping our customers handle their growing data storage needs, keep tabs on Retrospect within their monitoring systems, leverage Backblaze B2 for affordable cloud storage, and more.


Retrospect's Latest Features

Scalable data protection

Scalable Data Protection

Data continues to grow for businesses around the world. Our customers are small businesses, and yet they have seen tremendous growth in the amount of data they manage. They're now responsible for tens of terabytes and tens of millions of files, and need a data protection strategy that ensures their business is always backed up.

Retrospect's protection suite now includes scalable data protection. As an industry first for file-level backup, Retrospect is now certified to back up 1 billion files per backup set, 100 TB of data per backup set, and 50 million files per device.

With this new software architecture, businesses with 1TB or 100TB of data can use Retrospect to protect their entire infrastructure. Companies like media production houses with tens of millions of files on a single file server are now able to protect every file without jumping through additional hoops. The new version scales up to the largest business environments, with complete integration with our set-and-forget backup strategies, granular file-selection selectors, and data retention policies-all at no additional cost, regardless of the amount of data.


Backblaze B2 Integration

Backblaze B2 is a business-class cloud storage provider with extremely low costs, at $0.005/GB a month. Retrospect 12 for Windows and Retrospect 14 for Mac support Backblaze B2 as a cloud storage provider, offering complete integration with Retrospect's hybrid data protection.

Monitoring system integration

Monitoring System Integration

Retrospect now integrates with the latest monitoring systems, including Nagios, Slack, and IFTTT. System administrators can deploy custom scripts that populate their monitoring systems with a wide range of Retrospect events and statistics, including per-source backup information, media requests, and script successes and failures.

Script hooks

Script Hooks

IT administrators must deal with a wide array of hardware and software, and this complex ecosystem presents challenges for maintaining data protection across so many running services. Retrospect now includes script hooks. IT staff can integrate customized scripts that are executed at specific points during their backup strategy lifecycle. Retrospect is now able to quiesce databases and other services before a backup starts and then relaunch those services after the backup completes successfully. Script hooks let system administrators integrate Retrospect more deeply into their environment.

Learn more about Script Hooks


Avid and LTFS Production Tool Support

Production companies use Avid and LTFS extensively, and this latest version of Retrospect includes integration with these production house tools.

LTFS enables businesses to use tape without being locked into a proprietary format. Instead, it uses a common format, accessible to a computer like a file share. Retrospect 12 for Windows and Retrospect 14 for Mac support storing data on LTFS.

Avid hardware and software is used for managing large-scale media projects throughout the entertainment industry. With this version of Retrospect 12 for Windows and Retrospect 14 for Mac, IT professionals can protect their Avid projects with native integration with Retrospect.


Other Enhancements

This latest release also offers other features and performance enhancements:


Bug fixes

This latest release of Retrospect includes fixes for numerous issues. For a list of bugs fixed in this release, please refer to the Windows Release Notes / Mac Release Notes.


How to Upgrade


Upgrade Wizard: If you use an earlier version of Retrospect, you may be eligible for upgrade pricing.

Retrospect for Windows

Retrospect 12 for Windows is a paid upgrade for customers with Retrospect 11 for Windows or a free upgrade for customers with an active Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) contract.

Retrospect for Mac

Retrospect 14 for Mac is a paid upgrade for customers with Retrospect 13 for Mac or a free upgrade for customers with an active Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) contract.


Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM)

Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM) ensures you're always able to run the latest version of Retrospect with unlimited access to our Support team.

ASM Fulfillment: Customers with an active ASM contracts can get licenses for the latest versions of their products by processing their ASM fulfillment.

ASM Renewal: Customers with an expired ASM contract may be eligible to renew it and get licenses for the latest versions of their products.