Retrospect para iOS

Retrospect for iOS allows you to remotely manage multiple Mac and Windows backup servers. Connect over Wi-Fi or cellular to keep tabs on all aspects of your Retrospect installation. Retrospect keeps your data safe, and now you can check on it from anywhere. Available for free from the App Store.

  • Optimized for iOS — Beautifully tailored both to iPhone and iPad with full Retina display support.

  • Almost everything — View Reports, Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, Sources, Media Sets, Devices, and Operations Log.

  • Seamless syncing — Syncs all of a server's contents in the background and doesn't hold you up.

  • Reports with badges — All of your reports are now instantly accessible.

  • Run from afar — Just tap on a script to run it.

  • Deep support — Full support for Retrospect for Mac 9, 10, and 11 and Retrospect for Windows 7.7.612, 8, and 9 and partial support for Retrospect for Mac 8.2 and Retrospect for Windows 7.7.341.

Configuração de Portas

O Retrospect para iOS se comunica com os servidores Mac e Windows pela porta TCP 22024. Se você tiver problemas de conexão, verifique se os firewalls não estão bloqueando essa porta.