Management Console - How to License Unmanaged Engines

Management Console

Management console

Retrospect Management Console allows you to monitor and manage every Retrospect engine in your organization and managed organizations. There are two tiers with features included with Retrospect Backup 16 and additional features included with the Management Console Add-on for each engine.

What does "Unmanaged Engine" mean?

When you see "View Unmanaged" in Retrospect Management Console, it means that engine does not have a Management Console Add-on license. You can use the features included with Retrospect Backup 16, but to unlock the additional monitoring and management features, you need to purchase and add a Management Console Add-on to that engine.

Features included with Retrospect Backup 16

  • Real-Time Monitoring - See a real-time view of backups, including live activities and predictive storage usage.

  • Access Anywhere - Monitor an entire backup infrastructure or multi-tenant client base from any desktop or mobile device, with your own portable Backup-Operations-Centre.

  • Every Retrospect Edition - Retrospect Management Console supports every edition of Retrospect Backup, from Solo to Multi Server Premium.

Features included with Management Console Add-on

  • Dashboard Aggregation - Analyze the status of the entire organization’s Retrospect engine infrastructure with engine and organization aggregation.

  • Organization Drilldown - Create different organizations for separate business locations or corporate clients to partition the engine information and enable organization-level drilldown.

  • Distributed Management - Deploy new backup configurations to every Retrospect engine or only a specific subset. See details.

Last Update: 08 mars 2019