Comparing Management Console Data and Dashboard Data


Retrospect Management Console is a great way to see a high-level view of your backup information, aggregated across Retrospect engines. Because we can update it more quickly than Retrospect for Windows and Retrospect for Mac, we can innovate faster with its interface. However, that can lead to differences when comparing the data from your local Windows Dashboard or Mac Console Dashboard and Retrospect Management Console. Here are some examples as of Retrospect Backup 16.5.1:

  • "Backups": The local dashboards only show seven days under "Backups" while Retrospect Management Console displays 14. The local dashboard will be updated to 14 in the next release.

  • "Backups": Retrospect Management Console displays zero-byte backups as small blue bars while the local dashboards do not. We began displaying zero-byte backups to let customers know that a backup did happen but no data had changed. The local dashboards will be updated in the next release.

  • "Backups": Retrospect Management Console’s data includes all backups, including unretrieved ones from ungroomed backup sets, while the local dashboards only include retrieved backups.

  • "Backup Report": The local dashboards included local and NAS shares while Retrospect Management Console did not. Retrospect Management Console has been updated to include these now.

Thank you to the customers who reported these differences. If you see an error in reporting, please contact Support to let us know.

Last Update: 18 octobre 2019