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Error -2265: Archive file is missing File record


title: "Error -2265: Archive file is missing File record" created_at: 2017.06.23 updated_at: 2017.06.23 ---

If you see the following error:

Error retrieving file: C:\path_to_file <file://C:/path_to_file> 6/23/2017 12:00:00 PM (0), error -2265 (Archive file is missing File record)

These are a side effect of performance-optimized grooming and are only cosmetic. The log messages do not indicate that there is an issue with the backup set.

At a technical level, when performance-optimized grooming is enabled, Retrospect only removes whole .rdb files that are no longer included in the backup. Because of this, there can be some files that span across .rdb files which have certain records missing. These files are files that are no longer needed for your restores but were not groomed out because other files in the same .rdb container are needed for a restore.

Last Update: 23 juin 2017