Retrospect Certified for Hewlett Packard Enterprise StoreEver Devices with LTO-7 Support

HPE StoreEver and LTO-7 technology enable efficient, cost-effective long-term archive solution

PLEASANTON, Calif.— August 23, 2016—Retrospect®, Inc., makers of award-winning Retrospect Backup & Recovery software, today announced the latest versions of Retrospect for Windows and Retrospect for Mac are fully certified for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise StoreEver product line, including the 1/8 G2 Autoloader, MSL2024, MSL4048 and MSL6480 tape libraries, with LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 support.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise StoreEver tape libraries are trusted by businesses that require a cost-effective, scalable storage solution to manage increasing storage needs. With LTO-7 support, StoreEver allows Retrospect customers to meet demanding storage requirements as business data continues to grow.

“HPE StoreEver's affordability and scalability helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their growing data storage requirements. With the addition of LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 support, StoreEver tape libraries enable Retrospect customers to simplify their infrastructure, reduce costs and risk, and protect their business's data with minimal effort,” says Patrick Osborne, Sr. Director of Product Management and Marketing at HPE Storage.

LTO-7 is the seventh generation of the LTO format standard, the world’s most popular tape format, with a native capacity of 6TB and a compressed capacity of 15TB. For comparison, LTO-6 had a native capacity of 2.5TB with a compressed capacity of 6.25TB. The LTO-7 format represents a 2.4x increase in data storage.

“Tape backup remains a critical part of many businesses' complete data protection strategy,” says Jean-Christian Dumas, Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “LTO-7 pushes the boundaries on how much data businesses can store in this cheap, durable storage format, and HPE StoreEver helps customers easily manage huge amounts of data for long-term storage with quick retrieval.”

A complete list of HPE devices certified for Retrospect is available at

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