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Error -541 (client not installed or not running)


title: Error -541 (client not installed or not running) created_at: 2012.02.13 updated_at: 2012.02.14 category: Troubleshooting platforms: Windows, Mac ---

Make sure the client computer is turned on and that it is not powered off by energy saving software. If it is a mobile computer make sure it has not been "suspended" or put into "sleep" mode. Restart it and try again.

If you have any firewall software, such as Norton Personal Firewall or the built in Windows XP or Mac OS X firewall active on the client, disable it, or be sure that TCP/IP and UDP packets are allowed through port 497.

If the client computer has multiple IP addresses, the Retrospect client software may be bound to the wrong IP address on the computer. From the Run menu, you can use the command retroclient Ipsave yourIPaddress to force the client to connect to a specific network adapter on your computer.

Open the Retrospect Client control panel and examine its Status field for an error message about why the client software is not working. The client should be displaying ready

Last Update: 2012年02月14日