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Fall Update: New Features for the Partner Portal

Our partner portal has only been live for two months, and hundreds of partners are now using the portal. Many are already telling us it's easier to use than those from larger companies, and we've received excellent suggestions about what to add. See the latest portal features below:

Deal Registration

Partners are now able to register upcoming opportuniting via the new “Deal Registration” in the partner portal. The Pipeline page includes a form for submitting new deals and a list for tracking existing opportunities. By registering deals, partners are eligible for further discounts.

Allocated Trial Leads

Prospective customers sign up for Retrospect product trials every day, and now our Sales team can allocate those trial leads to appropriate partners. Partners should contact their Sales representative for details.

Customized Collateral

Partners now have access to customized collateral via the partner portal. The Tools page includes a sales email campaign section and a product email template section, and both automaticaly generate a personalized HTML file with their logo and contact details included. When they generate an ASM renewal or upgrade quote, their name and logo are automatically included as well. All with a single click and no coding.

Sales Campaigns

Partners are now notified of sales campaigns that Retrospect is running via a notification section of the partner portal.

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Brian Dunagan

Brian Dunagan is Vice President of Engineering at Retrospect and has been with Retrospect for more than a decade.