Retrospect Virtual Internal Error 1012


If you are seeing error "Internal Error 1012" reported by Retrospect Virtual, the Retrospect Virtual License Server has likely noticed that one of the following items has changed on the system hosting your Virtual Management Console:

  1. Local IP address

  2. Remote IP address

  3. MAC Address

  4. Local Port

Please send a screenshot of your "Licensee Name" and "License Key" from the Licenses page within your Virtual Management Console to

We will confirm that we have received the email, and initiate the license relaxation process. This may take up to 24 hours.

Once the license has been relaxed, head to the Licenses page within your Virtual Management console and click the Update button to reconnect your Retrospect Virtual installation to our License server. If you do not receive an error upon clicking the Update button you will know the issue has been resolved.

Last Update: 04 de junio de 2018