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Retrospect for Windows enables small and medium businesses to protect their entire digital business. Let's compare Retrospect to the competition.

Retrospect 18 for Windows Veritas Backup Exec 21 Acronis Backup 12
Windows Support
Mac Support
Linux Support
Server Support
Endpoint Support  
Cloud Data Protection Support    
Email Support    
Software does not require Windows Server  
Exchange Support Paid add-on Paid add-on Paid add-on
Microsoft SQL Server Support Paid add-on Paid add-on Paid add-on
Backup Operations
Copy Operations
Archival Operations
Disk Support
Network Share Support
Cloud Storage Support
Tape Support  
Avid Support    
LTFS Support    
Certified for HP StorEver Hardware  
Centralized Management
File-level Deduplication Deduplication Option Add-on
Block-level Deduplication Deduplication Option Add-on
Proactive Backup    
Incremental Backup Support
Point-in-time Restore Enterprise Server Option Add-on
Fine-Grained Filtering Controls
Flexible Scheduling
Customizable Data Retention Policies
AES-256 Storage Encryption Options
AES-256 Network Encryption Options
Windows System State Protection
Script Hooks
Monitoring Integration for Slack, IFTTT, Nagios    
Flexible Media Rotation Policies    
Dissimilar Hardware Restore
iOS app for Remote Monitoring    
Certified Cloud Storage Providers      
Amazon S3  
Microsoft Azure  
Google Cloud Storage  
Backblaze B2    
DreamHost DreamObjects    
Dunkel Cloud Storage    
Numergy Stockage    
Aruba CloudStorage    
Cloudian Hyperstore  

Last Update: 09 Dic 2020