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Retrospect Management Console: Dark Mode

Management console dark mode

As a holiday gift, we're pleased to announce support for "Dark Mode" for the Retrospect Management Console.

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Lead Generation Program: Minisite Integration

Lead generation minisite integration

As a holiday gift to partners, we've rolled out an update to our Lead Generation Program. Partners who have set up Retrospect minisites can now use the 1-Click Sales Campaigns to link to their own minisites.

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Happy Holidays from Retrospect!

Email header happy holidays en

Happy Holidays from the Retrospect team!

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Retrospect Management Console: Settings

Management console settings1

We've redesigned the settings for the Retrospect Management Console to be clearer and more intuitive.

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What is Retrospect Premium?

What is

Retrospect Server Premium for Windows is the best way to protect your Windows server environment.

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