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Script Hooks: Integrating Retrospect with Nagios


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Nagios is an open source system for monitoring servers, switches, applications and other services. With Script Hooks, you can now monitor Retrospect from Nagios as well. The Windows example script uses Perl and the open source Perl send_nrdp plugin, which you can download from here:

You will also need a Nagios NRDP server set up.

Installing the Retrospect event handler (retroEventHandler)

Download the example Retrospect script hooks from our website.

For Mac, copy the file "RetroEventHandler.sh" from the Nagios folder to

/Library/Application Support/Retrospect

For Windows, copy the file "RetroEventHandler.vbs" from the Nagios folder to


In either case, edit the file in your favorite text editor. Find the section:

REM The following settings tells the NRDP client
REM how to communicate with the NRDP notification servder.

Description of the required Nagios fields:

NAGIOS_NRDP_SERVER - IP address or host name of the NRDP server Retrospect will notify.
NAGIOS_URL - URL of NRDP server. Usually of the form http://<IP_ADDRESS>/nrdp/.
NAGIOS_TOKEN - Shared token. Must be the same token set in NRDP Server.
NAGIOS_HTTP_USER - Optional user name if using HTTP authentication.
NAGIOS_HTTP_PASSWD - Optional password if using HTTP authentication.

Note, the Perl send_nrdp plugin does not currently support SSL.

Additionally, there is a section below this which can be used to alter the Retrospect host and service name used in the notification:

set RETROSPECT_HOSTNAME=My Retrospect IP address

Once you have entered the information, save the file. You are now done. You do not need to restart the Retrospect engine or application for it to start using the script.


To test, run a short backup.


If you do not get any notifications, confirm the information in the sections listed. You can also test just the script by opening up a cmd window, and cd’ing to the eventhandler folder. Then type:

retroEventHandler EndScript "Daily Backup" "7" "-530" "backup client not found"

If there are any errors, they should display in the cmd window and point you toward a solution.

Last Update: 27 Gen 2017