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Retrospect Virtual: Enable Wasabi as Backup Set Destination


title: "Retrospect Virtual: Enable Wasabi as Backup Set Destination" created_at: 2020.03.05 updated_at: 2020.03.05 category: Virtualization --- With the release of Retrospect Virtual 2020, backing up to Wasabi has been added. To enable backing up to Wasabi, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into the Retrospect Virtual Console (

  2. Go to "Users, Groups and Policies".

  3. At the top, choose "Policy Group".

  4. Click on "Default Settings". If you have made a new policy group that the user groups utilize, choose that policy group instead.

  5. On the left, click "Backup Set Settings".

  6. Under Standard Destination, select the plus symbol (+).

  7. In the drop-down menu, pick "Wasabi", then select the green plus symbol (+) at the bottom right – then select the green save icon at the bottom right.

Wasabi will now show up as destinations to be backed up to in your backup sets.

Last Update: 05 Mar 2020