Error -1101 (file or folder not found) on an unattended backup of a Microsoft networking volume?


Error - 1101 can mean several things, depending upon the context. If you get the error on one or more files or folders during a backup or duplicate operation, the error usually means that the item was moved or deleted between the time Retrospect scanned the source, and the time Retrospect actually needed to copy the file. Usually this error occurs during backup if you continue to use the computer while a backup is taking place. Simply repeat the backup, this time making sure no one uses the computer while it is progress.

The remainder of this article covers what error - 1101 means during an unattended backup of a Microsoft networking volume.

The error will occur any time Retrospect has autolaunched and you have Microsoft networking volumes in your script. This is because by default when Retrospect autolaunches it is running under the LocalSystem account, which doesn’t have a login to the Microsoft networking volume. If you wish to run unattended backups of this networking volume, you will need to take a few additional steps as follows:

  1. Quit Retrospect.

  2. Open the Services control panel (NT) or Services management console.

  3. In the list of services, select Retrospect Launcher, and get Properties.

  4. Set the "Log on As" account information to your regular login, instead of the default "LocalSystem" account. Be sure to enter a valid name and password.

Now when Retrospect auto-launches, it will be running as the user you specified, and thus it will be able to access the networked volume, whether you are logged into Windows or not.

Last Update: 13 Feb 2012